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Empower sustainable living & financial well-being 💡

🏡 What if you could deliver on net zero commitments and reduce financed emissions while increasing customer interest in retrofitting?

Unlock the power of Open Energy Data

Empower your customers in their home energy transition and be their trusted partner for future-proof investments and efficient energy consumption.

Generate new revenue streams

Sustainable upgrades drive revenue, property value, green finance and customer loyalty.

Integrate green commitment

Support your customers' energy transition while delivering on ESG strategy.

Support your customer

Guide your customers to energy-efficient homes, empowering smart and green choices.

5 Data points to back up the benefits


customer conversion after 12 months

monthly active users after 12 months
of customers changed behaviour
of customers made purchases influenced by the platform
energy savings on average through behavioural change

Ready to accelerate the home energy transition?


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Millions run the Eliq’s features every day

Don't just take our word for it, our customers' users love our features just as much as our customers do. Here is what they have to say:

"Thanks to the service, I pay more attention to my energy use and monitor it more closely."


User review

"Through the personal interaction with our customers, we can increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, by far."


Client review

"My initial reaction is that it is particularly useful to know where the most energy is used in the home."


User review

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