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Navigating rooftop PV and prosumer data

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⚡️ Rooftop PV & prosumer data is not rocket science

Servicing solar PV data and prosumers is a challenge for energy providers and banks alike – but it's far from an unsolvable problem. Enlist in our email course and learn everything you need to tackle the rooftop PV data challenge and how to overcome it. After completing the 4-week email course, you will be equipped with solutions as well as a certificate to prove it!

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Earn a place on your customer’s devices


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With stronger customer relationships, increased engagement and a reduced cost-to-serve, explore the potential of revenues from non-commodity services.


Level up your customer relationships

It’s no secret that happier customers stay longer. But what if you could not only keep your customers happy but also be their trusted partner on the journey towards efficient and sustainable home energy usage?


Cut costs

Personal insights will reduce the need for calls and one-to-one customer service. Acknowledging what the individual customer needs while reducing the cost to serve, is a win-win-win.

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