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The new era of sustainable retail banking

Find out how to guide your customers in managing their financial decisions by harnessing the power of energy data 👇
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Exploring how open energy data can help you guide your customers in managing their financial decisions?

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Unlock the power of Open Energy Data

Open the door to a world where your customers can access and utilise data on their home energy usage, to make smarter and more sustainable financial decisions.

Generate new revenue streams

Sustainable upgrades drive revenue, property value, green finance and customer loyalty.

Integrate green commitment

Support your customers' energy transition while delivering on ESG strategy.

Support your customer

Guide your customers to energy-efficient homes, empowering smart and green choices.

Benefits at every step of the journey

Earn a place on your customer’s devices


Continue to grow

With stronger customer relationships, increased engagement and a reduced cost-to-serve, explore the potential of revenues from non-commodity services.


Level up your customer relationships

It’s no secret that happier customers stay longer. But what if you could not only keep your customers happy but also be their trusted partner on the journey towards efficient and sustainable home energy usage?


Cut costs

Personal insights will reduce the need for calls and one-to-one customer service. Acknowledging what the individual customer needs while reducing the cost to serve, is a win-win-win.

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About us,

At Eliq, we strive to be the chosen partner for innovative banks so that they can implement customer-facing products to empower their customers, through access to their energy data, to take important financial decisions based on their actual energy usage.
We tackle the growing pain for end-customers to understand and reduce their energy consumption and make green energy upgrades.

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